This might sound like a strange question - but are your current wine glasses expressing your favourite wines to their full potential - or are they hiding aromas & flavours...?

How do you know..., and more to the point, how do you find out...?

Well do you have 2-minutes to take the - Eisch 'SensisPlus' Comparison Taste Test?

In less than 2-minutes you will find out what you have been missing in your favourite wines... yes, your favourite wines can be even more enjoyable, who knew
I promise your senses and more importantly your taste-buds will appreciate you taking the - Eisch 'SensisPlus' Comparison Taste Test. From start to finish the whole process only takes around 2-minutes.

✤ Those of you that have had the opportunity and the time to enjoy the *Full - Eisch 'SensisPlus' Experience - *(approximately a 1 hour tasting) - you know how expressive the 'SensisPlus' glasses are for all wines. *During the full experience - we work with 3 Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass shapes..., we use 2 comparison glasses, taste 6 varietal wines - plus we cover much more...e.g. How to correctly clean stemware, use Decanters etc... in just over an hour.

In 2-minutes you can do this compact / focused session that I designed. Yes, I was not only involved in designing the Eisch 'Unity' Glass Range, I designed the 'Full' & 'Comparison' Eisch Experiences, to test your current wine glass and find out what your senses have been missing.
Simply contact your local Eisch Distributor or Selected Eisch Retailer to arrange the Eisch 'SensisPlus' Comparison Taste Test. You can simply bring along your current wine glass from home or, if you own or work in a restaurant / wine-bar or hotel, it might be possible to come to your venue and work with your stemware. *(conditions apply)


With the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ affect as you pour any wine into each glass, within seconds the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ glass will open up and express all that the wine has to offer to its full potential. The Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ affect is the key to opening and expressing the characters within each wine - *that typically are not fully expressed or enjoyed.
Whether the wine is light and delicate or full and complex - the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ stemware will showcase in seconds, right in front of you in real time, no delay, no decanting required and the glass will showcase the full potential within the wine you have just poured.
The Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glasses help you to smell, taste, better understand and most importantly enjoy each wine, without needing to be an expert. ‘I promise you will smell and taste the difference’.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Choose your own / current wine glass - and then the appropriate Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass.

*(full wine glass guide available on request)

Step 2:
Open a bottle of your favourite or familiar wine & pour a small amount into the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ glass.

Step 3:
Gently swirl the wine in the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ glass and take a few seconds to notice the aroma / bouquet and then taste the wine and remember as best you can what you taste & enjoy about the wine.
Then repeat the process with your comparison glass - *(without the ‘SensisPlus’ affect) - and see if you can notice anything different in the aroma / bouquet. Then taste the wine and see if it tastes the same as from the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ glass.

‘You will be nicely surprised’

“The Eisch 'SensisPlus' stemware is the most expressive wine glass in the world.”

NB: For Eisch Distributors & Selected Retailers around the world. The above steps & details are in the current catalogue on the Eisch website. The printed details will explain the 'Comparison Tasting' step-by-step. *(or send an email through to me or Eisch) - it is in German & English.

Time to experience what all the talk is about…

For information on the Eisch 'SensisPlus' Stemware Range