EISCH ‘SENSISPlus’ wine glasses elevate the enjoyment of wine to a new level. I am confident you will enjoy the experience and be surprised by the effect on all wine. Wines poured in ‘SensisPlus’ glasses become more harmonious, showcase their true character, with better balance and greater elegance. The following glasses are part of the Eisch ‘SKY’ Range. The 'SensisPlus' range are in my opinion - “...the most expressive wine glasses in the world.”

EISCH - Aromatic:

Volume: 380ml
Recommended for:
Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio-Gris, Gewürztraminer, Grüner Veltliner, Unoaked Chardonnay & Rosé wines,  plus Complex Champagne - *(un-oaked wines).

Hand-wash or you can even Machine-wash, though only use the rinse cycle.

• Serve Aromatic Wines at 8°- 9°C

*NZ$45 each - (sold in 2-packs)
*(Retail Prices will vary)

EISCH - Burgundy:

Volume: 710ml
Recommended for:
Quality Oak-aged and Barrel Fermented Chardonnay’s. Along with Medium to Fuller-Style Pinot Noir wines.

Hand-wash or you can even Machine-wash, though only use the rinse cycle.

• Serve Oaked Chardonnay at 8°- 11°C
• Serve quality Pinot Noir at 15°- 17°C

*NZ$50 each - (sold in 2-packs)
*(Retail Prices will vary)

EISCH - Red Wine:

Volume: 490ml
Recommended for:
Beaujolais, lighter style Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec, Chianti (DOC & G), Syrah, Crianza, Tempranillo, G.S.M. Blends & more...

Hand-wash or you can even Machine-wash, though only use the rinse cycle.

• Serve ‘Light - Medium’ Reds at 15°- 17°C

*NZ$50 each - (sold in 2-packs)
*(Retail Prices will vary)

EISCH - Bordeaux:

Volume: 620ml
Recommended for:
Ripe, rich Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc, Sagrantino, a generous Syrah & Shiraz, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino - 'strong tannins'.

Hand-wash or you can even Machine-wash, though only use the rinse cycle.

• Serve 'Bold, Full-Bodied' Reds at 16°- 18°C

*NZ$50 each - (sold in 2-packs)
*(Availability + Retail Prices can will vary)

Eisch glasses are as functional as they are beautiful, thanks to over 300 years of experience in glassmaking. Over the past 5 decades, wine glass development has predominantly focused on finding the ideal shape that brings out grape varietal characteristics.
This has resulted in great success and has given wine enthusiasts a wide variety of glass shapes and sizes to enjoy fine wines. Though this approach didn't always take into account different terroir, vintage variations, winemaking choices, youthful tannins, higher alcohol levels, and just bottled wines.
Everyday - the Eisch family and their talented team explore new and innovative techniques in working with glass for the benefit of wine enthusiasts. Their glass innovation that has changed the appreciation of all wine for the better, which was first revealed to the world back in 2004, is the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass.
Wine poured into an Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass becomes; smoother, rounded, more harmonious, more definition to its complexity, better integrated and more balanced in just a few minutes.
Through a completely natural process, the original typicity, character and structure of the wine is preserved, while its aroma and flavours become more expressive and generous. After six years of research and testing by their craftsman at Eisch, the ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass was created by changing the inside surface of the glass. At the end of the production process, the lead-free crystal wine glasses undergo an oxygenative process that actually changes the structure of the glass surface, allowing it to better aerate your wine.
The process results in a kind of dimpling effect *(like a golf-ball) on the inside surface of the bowl, which increases the surface tension of wine on the glass. Then with a swirling motion this fully aerates the wine, sending more expressive aromatic compounds airborne - (this is the simple version).

Machine made in Germany, each glass is produced as a one piece glass. They are ‘Lead-Free Crystal’ with the ‘Pulled-Stem Technology’ for added strength. The process is not a coating or a chemical treatment; so the effect will not wash or wear off.
This new technology allows your wine to breathe and open up its bouquet and hidden flavours more easily. The first public appearance of these wine glasses worldwide was in October 2004, a major tasting event led by Robert Parker at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Wine Advocate. At this event, the wines were tasted primarily from Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glasses.

With the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass you can dive even deeper into the world of flavours of wine - and also into each wines own story. From fruit driven and mineral notes to the spicy layers of oak and subtle vintage, vineyard nuances and winemaking choices will be shown. Each Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass has a sticker on the wine glass as well as the Eisch ‘SENSISPlus’ Logo™ etched on the base for authenticity.

Get some friends together and a bottle of your favourite, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, even a young oaked Chardonnay or anything you can’t wait to open. Select the respective ‘SensisPlus’ glass for the wine style; and a standard shape and sized wine glass. The ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass elevates the enjoyment of wine to a new level. I am confident you will taste the difference, and you will enjoy your wine more from the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ glass.

In my opinion - the Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass is the most expressive wine glass in the world.


Eisch '2-Minute' Comparison Tasting