WINE EDUCATION: ‘Trade Craft & Industry Insights’
The world of wine is fascinating, intriguing, captivating & worth sharing.

There are few greater pleasures, than opening a bottle of wine you carefully selected - (or even better, have cellared patiently for a number of years) and enjoying it with good food and friends.
However, it can also be an intimidating and confusing subject - as the sheer number of wines and styles available on our retail shelves and wine-lists in New Zealand has never been greater. It can be a process of great confusion selecting the right wine for the right occasion and pairing it with such varied styles of cuisine.
I have been working in the industry for over 30 years, sharing what I know by educating around the globe, designing insightful, practical, focused & engaging wine experiences for the Trade (Hospitality: Front of House & Chefs) and with the Public.

My wine experiences are designed to break down any intimidating factors in a relaxed manor, to help you understand your sensory skills to evaluate, assess & ultimately enjoy wine, along with giving you the vocab to describe what you are tasting or serving.
In addition, I can take you through the basics of the winemaking process, discuss the major grape varietals, talk through and taste a number of wines styles with regional differences from around the wine world, plus explain stemware, decanting, storing-cellaring and serving wine, plus pairing / suggesting wines with varied cuisine - plus much more....

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• An Introduction to Wine + Intermediate + Advanced Wine Sessions*.
• The World of Sparkling Wines  +  Champagne Master Class.
• A number of dynamic Wine & Food Pairing Sessions.
​★ EISCH 'SensisPlus' Wine Glass Experience. *(an incredible insight into stemware)
• The Wonderful World of Fortified Wines: Port + Sherry & more.
• Comparative Wine Modules: Light, Medium & Fuller Style Wine Modules.
• The Different Methodologies of Grape Growing & Winemaking.
Bespoke Wine Sessions - *(Trade Craft, Wine List & Menu Training, Chef's Table...)

Wine sessions vary in time: from focused 30 minute modules, most are 90 minutes through to a maximum 2-hour experience. The number of wines tasted will vary - depending upon time, the designed session, size of wine-list or themed event. *(Conditions will apply).

So if you are looking to: improve your own or staff wine knowledge *(Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality-Catering) - Looking to Design / Pair a Wine List with a Seasonal / Local Menu -  Design a Wine Degustation or Hosting a Theme Wine Event. Let’s talk.

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White Wine Class
(1.5 Hour Class)

Rosé Wine Class
(1.5 Hour Class)

Red Wine Class
(1.5 Hour Class)

Champagne Class
(2 Hour Class)

Port & Chocolate
(1.5 Hour Class)

Wine & Food Pairing
(1.5 Hour Class)

Methodology of Wine
(1.5 Hour Class)

Eisch Experience
(1.5 Hour Class)

European Wine Class
(2 Hour Class)

Grape to Glass Modules
*(30 Minute Modules)

All Things Sweet Class
(1.5 Hour Class)

Stage-1 Wine Class
(1.5 Hour Class)

The value of each module, wine session, or bespoke staff training will vary - depending upon the length of time, quality of wines, level of knowledge and any specific expenses. Any costs will be presented before the confirmation of all wine events - *(for the value of each session, click on icon) - *Conditions will apply.