Hospitality - Industry Feedback:

The following is a small handful of generous comments and feedback from guests who have attended one or several of my wine sessions held around the country. They include trade staff at different levels of experience (and for many English is not their first language) - varying management roles and also owners, working in licensed retail, cafes, wine bars, hotels and fine dining restaurants.

It’s always a fun tasting with Gavin.
With such a massive wine background and loads of experience in Hospitality, Gavin is a very passionate and exemplary trainer. Depending on different staff knowledge levels, he curates a perfect training for the required venue. I have been lucky enough to organize staff training with Gavin for my various F&B teams.
His trainings are always fun. Without intimidating a newcomer in the industry, he gets them involved and makes the sessions memorable. The training sessions have proved to be very valuable. And for those in hospitality for the long run, Gavin never runs out of technical details and shares his experience and knowledge from all around the world.

Suraj G.C. - *(Nepalese) - (Head Sommelier at Park Hyatt Hotel - Auckland)

I have attended quite a few of Gavin’s wine classes, as well as I have attended countless wine tastings, and other courses, both in New Zealand and overseas, and I have read a few books about wine as well. The biggest difference between ALL other resources for wine knowledge and Gavin Hubble is simple; you learn things that sticks!
Gavin's classes are filled with facts, knowledge and passion not only for wine, but to teach and spread knowledge about wine. You walk away laughing and filled with new information.
Another incredible feature of these Gavin’s courses is that you'll walk away with facts from every angle. You will learn about how the grapes are grown and how the wine is made, but also learn some incredible 'fun facts' about the product. These are sometimes the things that the customer actually wants to hear about rather than how many months it stayed in oak and what percentage of that oak is new vs old.
The incredible level of knowledge, the passion for teaching, the fun facts, the jokes and the humour that create knowledge that sticks, the smile and the love for hospitality is what makes Gavin's classes in wine the best I have ever attended.

Vincent Edfeldt - *(Swedish) - (Bar Manager QT Hotel)

Gavin has trained generations of Prego staff over 25 years. As the ‘Wine Guy’, he is both knowledgeable and relatable. Gavin's classes help staff understand the essence of wine in a clear and practical way and he inspires them to love it in the process.

Brandon Marlo - (General Manager - Prego)

I would just like to acknowledge how Gavin’s training has improved all who have participated in the courses he has held. From novices who have no understanding of what wine is or the varieties of grapes. Through to the more advanced. Gavin’s ability to make all levels feel comfortable and to get them engaged is quite amazing. From my experience, staff members who have been trained by Gavin, either on-site or in the Hancocks Courses have come away more aware and wanting to know more about the wine they are serving.
I truly appreciate the skills Gavin has to help anyone; I have seen this for myself in several different businesses and for 15+ years, but he still able to educate everyone in a relaxed and engaging manner.
Gavin’s support helps not just the staff member and the business but also the wine industry as the staff then want to experience and learn more as Gavin provides them with the knowledge and interest in the wines they are serving plus now drinking. I fully support Gavin’s efforts to spread the knowledge of wine to the industry so that we all can provide better service and knowledge to the consumers in the hospitality industry.

Shane Crooke - *(Restaurant Owner / F&B Manager)

Gavin’s wine classes are such a pleasure to attend. He tells the story of each different wine with passion and humour and I always walk away with a renewed sense of how wine can enhance our dining experience.

Marie Montéro - *(French) - (Senior staff member - Prego)

Gavin's passion & enthusiasm for wine is infectious!
You always leave a session with him feeling more educated and excited about the 'World of Wine'. Our industry is extremely privileged to have someone of Gavin's knowledge & experience.

Joycelyn Granger - Franchisee Owner / Liquorland Howick