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The world of wine is fascinating, intriguing, captivating & worth sharing.

Are you a passionate wine enthusiast or have you recently found an interest to learn more about wine. Like a Dictionary is only useful if you know how to spell a word. Finding unfiltered facts on the internet about a wine is only possible if you know everything about that wine. Otherwise when it says; it is a rich red colour with a short dry finish, they could be talking about a quick drying red house-paint.
I only know what I know, and learning everyday... - that being said, I have been in the industry for over 35 years, involved at all levels and stages of the wine industry in: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Australia, California and NZ. Over the past 20 years, I have been engaged with training over 30,000 Hospitality Staff, teaching them ‘Wine Trade Craft’ - and still involved with a number of ‘bespoke’ Projects in NZ & Europe.
Over the recent holiday period - friends and friends of friends, kept asking and not for the first time, where can we go, and someone will be able explain in simple terms and actually take use through a real time tasting with clear examples and share insights on how and why a wine was made, how to taste a wine and how to pair with local & seasonal cuisine. An insightful wine tasting - where we don't have to like everything *(just like with Brussel sprouts, beetroot in a hamburger or pineapple on a pizza...) - but we can better understanding why wines taste different. So we know what to look for that we do like and could like with better knowledge & equipped with good questions to ask the local wine retailer or favourite restaurateur about what wines they have.

So after a diligent search, I have found a great space, where I can invite up to 18 guests to share insights and taste different wines around the ‘Tasting Table’. Upstairs at 21 Days Brasserie in Browns Bay - Auckland. I have the use of an ideal, private space, with comfortable chairs, all the tools for multi-media presentations and Eisch stemware. Plus, I have the pleasure to work with the talented ‘head chef / co-owner’ Boby Lun - to source & cook a diverse range of dynamic flavours for my ‘bespoke’ wine & food experiences.
• *(NB: Wines tasted ‘will vary’ from images on this page). The 6 wines tasted during each theme, will be, where possible, the most current vintage available, and an honest style & expression to clearly give insight and clarity alongside other examples. These tastings will not be a competition, saying one wine is better than another. As you use a light straw hat on a hot summer’s day, and you use a thick woolen hat on a snowy evening winter walk. One is not better, each is more suited and even designed to do the job it was intended. So simply, how genuine and where do the wines tasted currently fit with other styles and how to better understand, enjoy & share.

Sure, it can be an intimidating and confusing subject - the sheer number of wines and styles available on retail shelves and wine-lists in New Zealand has never been greater. It can be a process of great confusion selecting the ideal wine for the right occasion, plus is it drinking now, is it good value and then pairing it with home-cooked seasonal cuisine or a casual takeaway.

My wine experiences around the ‘Tasting Table’ are designed to break down any intimidating factors in a relaxed manor, to help you understand your own sensory skills, to better evaluate, assess & ultimately enjoy wine, along with giving you the vocab to describe what you are sharing.
I can take you through the stages of the winemaking process, along with traditions, discuss old & new grape varietals, talk through and taste a range of wines styles with regional differences from around the world, plus explain stemware, decanting, storing-cellaring and serving wine, plus pairing & suggesting wines with varied cuisine -
plus much more...


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