12 wine suggestions for a Summer Christmas:

The following selection of well crafted wines - are an ideal pairing with a diverse selection of seasonal & festive cuisine. Here are a few brief words to describe my first impressions and the essence of each wine. A versatile range of dynamic wines ready to be sipped, savoured & shared over the festive period and holiday season.
Remember - ‘when & where possible, all wine tastes better when served from the appropriate glass and at the ideal temperature’.

‘Plot 101’ Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Region: Marlborough - NZ
Winemaker / Director: Anne Escalle
This wine has an elegant texture, with its signature style of lemon and grapefruit flavours engaging your tastebuds. 50% of the wine was aged in oak barrels giving breadth and character to the palate and the natural core of acidity giving a bright finish.
(13.5% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$36.99 : 4 Stars

Grüner Veltliner 2022

Region: Marlborough - NZ
Owner / Winemaker: Jules Taylor
Dynamic palate of pears, apples, white peaches, a splash of citrus, blanched almonds and highlighted by Grüner’s signature white pepper tones. A textural expression along with time in used oak barrels, crafting a balanced classic bone-dry style.
(12.8% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$26.99 : 4 Stars

‘Soave Classico’ Brognoligo 2021

Region: Soave in Veneto - Northern Italy
*Consultant Winemaker: Graziana Grassini
The dynamic palate has a charismatic core of acidity that firmly holds onto the lively summer fruit flavours of apples, pear, quince, capsicum, blanched almonds and a splash of coconut from the small portion having a short visit inside used oak barrels.
(13.5% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$24.99 : 4 Stars

Pinot Gris 2022

Region: Marlborough - NZ
Owner / Winemaker: Ben Glover
A textural Pinot Gris with a mix of pears, red apples, feijoa and nectarine with ginger, cinnamon spices and apple crumble-pie characters. Nicely balanced with a touch of sweetness that gives a vibrancy and broad smile to the smooth finish.
(13% Alc./vol. : Off-Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$26.99 : 4 Stars

‘S.V.’ Chardonnay 2021

Region: Gisborne - NZ
Owner / Director: Kirsten Searle
Aromas of apples, melon and wild summer flowers. A well-balanced wine showcasing classic flavours of ripe apples, white peaches, green melon, with subtle mineral notes all nicely supported by gentle citrus characters leading to a relaxed finish.
(13.2% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$26.99 : 4 Stars

‘Gimblett Gravels’ Chardonnay 21

Region: Hawke’s Bay - NZ
Chief Winemaker: Warren Gibson
The wine is concentrated and vibrant thanks to a defined seam of natural acidity. The generous peach and citrus flavours and nicely wrapped in spicy-toasty oak flavours and gentle texture. A superbly balanced wine, with concentration and finesse.
(14% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$48.99 : 5 Stars

Rouvière Rosé 2021

Region: Côteaux Varois en Provence - France
Head Winemaker: Fabrice Grossmann
The elegant palate casually showcases watermelon, pink grapefruit, peach skin, strawberries and a signature mineral seam. The silky mouthfeel is appealing with its subtle textural charm and balanced by natural crisp fruit acidity & classic dry finish.
(13% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$28.99 : 4 Stars

‘Single Vineyard’ Pinot Noir 2016

Region: Bendigo, Central Otago - NZ
*Winemaker: Cleighten Cornelius
The complex and engaging palate showcases dark cherries, small red berries, ripe plums, along with a splash of red currant and a dash of dried herbs from time in French oak and all nicely wrapped up in fine tannins and a persistent vibrant dry finish.
(13% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Gentle decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C
*Retail - NZ$49.99 : 4 Stars

‘Killerman’s Run’ GSM 2020

Region: Clare Valley - Australia
Chief Winemaker: Peter Warr
Dark cherries and fresh herbs from the Grenache infuse with the generous dark plum and cacao notes from the Shiraz and highlighted by the earthy, dried herb characters from the Mataro. All wrapped up in balanced tannins and French oak nuances.
(14.5% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Mild decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C
*Retail - NZ$29.99 : 5 Stars

‘Bush Vine’ Grenache 2020

Region: McLaren Vale - South Australia
Winemakers: Michael Fragos & Bryn Richards
The generous palate is luscious, celebrating vibrant juicy wild berries and fleshy plums dusted with herb seasoning resulting in a smooth lavish character. Finely tuned tannins and deft use of oak have dovetailed perfectly giving a balanced structure.
(14.5% Alc./vol. - Dry style)

• Mild decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C
*Retail - NZ$34.99 : 5 Stars

‘Hillside’ Syrah 2021

Region: Hawke’s Bay - New Zealand
Owner / Winemaker: Peter Robertson
Hypnotic elevated aromas of black berries, dark plums, pepper, dried spice and new French oak. This multi-layered ‘Hillside’ Syrah is elegantly balanced and seamless. This 2021 is one of the best vintages - cellaring will reward those with patience.
(13.5% Alc./vol. - Classic dry style)

• Generous decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C
*Retail - NZ$52.99 : 5 Stars

‘G&W’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Region: McLaren Vale/ Coonawarra - Sth Australia
Winemakers: Geoff Merrill & Scott Heidrich
The palate displays the best of both premium Cabernet regions with McLaren Vale dark fruits and chocolate, and the finer blue fruits, capsicum & herbs of Coonawarra. Character & depth with balanced tannins and acidity on the dry finish.
(14.5% Alc./vol. - Classic dry style)

• Gentle decanting & serve between 17°- 18°C
*Retail - NZ$34.99 : 5 Stars

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