How well do you know Akarua Wines ?

The world of wine is vibrant, constantly changing and ever so interesting. Everyday wine enthusiasts can learn and share their new experiences with good food and friends. So the following ‘Wine Quiz’ is a little bit of fun and learning for all - and for those a little more competitive a personal test of your wine knowledge.
● So you think you know Akarua Wines ?
● Or - You think you know all the different styles of Akarua Wines ?
Take this short Akarua Wine Quiz and find out.

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In which year did Akarua founder Sir Clifford Skeggs first plant their vineyards in Central Otago - New Zealand?

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Where in Central Otago did Akarua plant their first vines and eventually build their winery…?

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What does the Akarua logo-symbol on their wine labels refer to and represent…?

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In which year did an Akarua Pinot Noir first win a Trophy at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards…?

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What does the name Akarua mean / translate too from the local Maori language…?

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In which year did Akarua first release their now highly acclaimed Methode Traditionnelle sparkling wine…?

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What is the name of the current head winemaker at Akarua - who joined as the assistant winemaker back in 2009 ?

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Akarua sources fruit from approximately 120 hectares of planted vineyards across Central Otago - which of the following vineyards is the largest at 48 hectares…?

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Akarua produce a much sort after sweet dessert wine called ‘Alchemy Ice’ - where they blast freeze grapes to make a wine in honour of the famous Ice-Wines of the world, made from Riesling & Gewürztraminer. What is the residual sugar in their 2019 vintage…?

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Akarua has a beautiful new terraced vineyard situated near Cromwell, with a prime position looking out over the Clutha region. Totaling just over 9 hectares and completely dedicated to Pinot Noir. What is this vineyards name…?

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Akarua Wines & Kitchen by Artisan opened a wonderful space in Arrowtown to enjoy their quality wines and hand crafted cuisine made from scratch, using the finest sustainable ingredients sourced in and around the four coasts of the South Island. When did this open…?

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Akarua are highly acclaimed for their consistently high-quality Pinot Noir wines produced year after year. Which of the following dishes would be an ideal pairing with an Akarua 'Central Otago' Pinot Noir…?

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