How well do you know Nebbiolo ?

The world of wine is vibrant, constantly changing and ever so interesting. Everyday wine enthusiasts can learn & share their new experiences with good food & friends. So the following ‘Wine Quiz’ is a little bit of fun and learning for all - and for those a little more competitive a personal test of your wine knowledge.

● So you think you know the home of Nebbiolo?
● Or - You think you know the different classifications of Nebbiolo?

Take this short Nebbiolo Quiz & find out.

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Nebbiolo is an Italian red grape varietal used to make Barolo DOCG wines. From which of the following wine regions is Nebbiolo predominantly associated?

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By Italian winemaking law, which of the following 'two' DOCG wines must be produced from only 100% Nebbiolo grapes?

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It is agreed by many that Nebbiolo takes its name from the Italian word ‘nebbia’ - which describes a typical appearance on the regions hills?

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In the Piedmont wine region between 250-450m it is an ideal height to plant Nebbiolo grapes, and on selected slopes facing in which direction?

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In Italy - how many DOCG red wines are made from the Nebbiolo grape?

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Top quality Barolo wines made in the classic traditional way, are one of the slowest maturing wines in the world, easily ageing for how long in the bottle?

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Barbaresco DOCG is another renowned red wine of Piedmont. How is it different from Barolo?

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To be classified as a ‘Riserva’ Barolo wine it must have a minimum alcohol level of 13%, plus it must age for a minimum of how many years?

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Nebbiolo is used to produce a powerful red wine from the Valtellina area in the Piedmont region of Italy. One of the country's many passito wines - (made from partially dried grapes), but while other passito styles are sweet, this particular wine is dry. What is it called?

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A native white grape which was such a traditional blending partner with Nebbiolo - it was sometimes given the nickname ‘White’ Barolo. Do you know the name of this white varietal?

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As a quality Nebbiolo red wine ages, it takes on a distinctive characteristic which is typically associated with Nebbiolo wines, what is this characteristic?

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Vittorio Emanuele II the ‘King of Sardinia’ until 1861, when he assumed the title ‘King of Italy’ - which he held until his death in 1878. Purchased approximately 54 hectares in Serralunga d’Alba. Which would become an iconic Nebbiolo wine producer in the region called?

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