How well do you know Matawhero Wines?

The world of wine is vibrant, constantly changing and ever so interesting. Everyday wine enthusiasts can learn and share their new experiences with good food and friends. So the following ‘Wine Quiz’ is a little bit of fun and learning for all - and for those a little more competitive a personal test of your wine knowledge.
● So you think you know Matawhero Wines ?
● Or - You think you know the different wines crafted by Matawhero ?
Take this short Matawhero quiz and find out.

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Where in New Zealand will you find the vineyards, winery & cellar door of Matawhero Wines…?

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Matawhero Wines was originally founded by Bill Irwin - when he purchased land at Riverpoint Road at a time when people either raised livestock or grew maize - in which year did this wine journey begin…?

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In 1975 the first wines were produced under the Matawhero label. The label then & now features the iconic image of the Matawhero Church, the district’s oldest confirmed building. But what was the buildings first use…?

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Which of the following statements is correct about the influence of Bill Irwin on Matawhero wines the wider New Zealand wine industry…?

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In which year did Richard & Kirsten Searle purchase the Matawhero vineyard and winery at Riverpoint Road from Denis Irwin. To start the next chapter in this wineries dynamic story…?

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Which of the following people actually makes the award winning wines of Matawhero Wines…?

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As a tribute wine to the founders of Matawhero Wine - Bill & Denis Irwin. In which of the following years was there flagship Matawhero ‘Irwin’ Chardonnay released…?

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Matawhero hand select parcels of fruit from the very best vineyard sites in Gisborne - from which of the following distinct sub-regions do they source grapes…?

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Matawhero grow & produce wines from 8 different varietals.- sourced from unique parcels across the region. But which of the following grape varietal is not used to make their wines…?

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Matawhero Wines continues to be a pioneer and always looking to do the best for their vineyards and future generations. So on their labels you will find the statement-sticker stating ‘Dry Framing’ - what does this actually mean…?

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If you were serving roast chicken, stuffed with apricots, nuts and served with pumpkin, kumara or potato mash with a honey & mustard based sauce. Which of the following Matawhero wines would be the most ideal pairing…?

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If you were lucky enough to have a bottle of their classic style Matawhero ‘Single Vineyard’ Chardonnay 2019 - which of the following cuisine options would be an ideal pairing…?

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