How well do you know Jules Taylor Wines ?

The world of wine is vibrant, constantly changing and ever so interesting. Everyday wine enthusiasts can learn and share their new experiences with good food and friends. So the following ‘Wine Quiz’ is a little bit of fun and learning for all - and for those a little more competitive a personal test of your wine knowledge.
● So you think you know Jules Taylor Wines ?
● Or - You think you know the different wines crafted by Jules Taylor ?
Take this short Jules Taylor Wine Quiz and find out.

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Jules Taylor wines have been exciting taste-buds in New Zealand and around the globe for several years. But when did it all start - when was Jules Taylor Wines founded…?

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Jules Taylor Wines are primarily sourced & definitely crafted & bottled where in New Zealand…?

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Which of the following wines was the first released under the Jules Taylor wine label…?

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Before settling down in New Zealand, getting married & owning a wine business. Jules explored the world’s winemaking regions, with a focus on Italy. Spending time in both Sicily & Piedmont - how many vintages in total did Jules do in Italy…?

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Which of the following is the only wine currently in the Jules Taylor range to have fruit sourced from Gisborne…?

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Jules Taylor has become a leading name in the New Zealand wine industry. The brand is also successful & growing in several international markets. Do you know how many export countries you can purchase & enjoy a bottle of Jules Taylor Wine...?

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Jules Taylor ‘OTQ’ wines are a limited release ‘Single Vineyard’ range of wines. Jules created the 'OTQ Series' in order to challenge the conventional interpretations of Marlborough’s signature grape varietals & create wines that express the unique character of their particular vineyard. What does ‘OTQ’ stand for…?

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Jules Taylor sources her Marlborough grapes from a group of hardworking grape-growers located in 3 sub-regions: Southern Valleys, Lower Wairau & Awatere Valley. Working with growers & families they know & trust, just makes perfect sense. How many local families grow grapes for Jules Taylor Wines…?

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Jules Taylor is definitely the winemaker & face of the wine label - but Jules is the first to state that she could not have done half of this without her husband &father to their two boys. With George taking on key roles in vineyard management, the office and exports - what is his full name…?

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Jules Taylor has set the benchmark for Sauvignon Blanc for several years - not just in New Zealand, but for expressions around the globe. But Jules has more than one string to her winemaking bow. Which of the following Jules Taylor wines have also recently won a Gold Medal…?

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Jules Taylor is well known & respected for the quality & constancy of her Sauvignon Blanc wines. But do you know the name of the ‘single vineyard’ where Jules sources the fruit for her ‘OTQ’ Sauvignon Blanc…?

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Which of the following dishes would be an ideal pairing with a classic, iconic style Jules Taylor Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc…?

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