The world of wine is fascinating, intriguing, captivating and rewarding.

There are few greater pleasures, than opening a bottle of wine you carefully selected - (or even better, have cellared patiently for a number of years) and enjoying it with good food and friends.
However, it can also be an intimidating and confusing subject - as the sheer number of wines and styles available on our retail shelves and wine-lists in New Zealand has never been greater. It can be a process of great confusion selecting the right wine for the right occasion and pairing it with such varied cuisine.
The following short videos - are designed to break down any intimidating factors in a relaxed manor, to give you a better understanding to evaluate and assess wine, and to give you the vocab to describe what you are tasting.
In addition, I briefly take you through the basics of the winemaking process, discuss the major grape varietals, talk through and taste a number of wines styles with regional differences from around the wine world, plus talk through stemware, decanting, storing, cellaring and serving wine, plus pairing/ suggesting wines with varied cuisine - plus more...

What is the difference between Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris ?

The difference between Unoaked & Oaked style Chardonnay ?

The difference between Light & Fuller-Style Pinot Noir ?

What is the difference between Syrah & Shiraz ?