Introducing: Rare Champagne Millésime 2002

Winery: Piper-Heidsieck Champagne
Founded in: 1785
Region: Reims - France
Chef de Cave: Régis Camus - *(joined in 1994)
Rare Champagne is produced only in very limited quantities - and with only 11 vintages declared since its first release in 1976. Chef de Cave Régis Camus selects grapes from exclusive, distinctive, singular years where nature has been tamed and with time, foresight and his expertise unveil an outstanding vintage Champagne.
Rare Champagne is a complex symphony of resonant pure flavours which indulge all the senses. An unrivalled Champagne statement.
The bottle design for Rare is known as 'Pinte Majeure' and is perfectly symmetrical as it was when it was originally mouthblown. Adorned with a delicate gold tiara that encircles it like a piece of jewelry, designed by Pierre-Karl Fabergé. Paying homage to its glamorous beginnings and the glory days of the royal court at Versailles where founder, Florens-Louis Heidsieck presented his very first prestige cuvée to Marie Antoinette: - please enjoy this insightful video tasting with Régis Camus - *(Published: 23 September 2020)

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Piper-Heidsieck ‘Rare’ Millésime 2002

Grape Varietals: 70% Chardonnay & 30% Pinot Noir
Growing Region: Reims - France
Chef de Cave: Régis Camus
5 Stars ★★★★★
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