Introducing Florio Marsala:

Winery: Cantine Florio
Founded in: 1833
Region: Marsala - Sicily
Head Winemaker: Tommaso Maggio

Florio Marsala is incapsulated in their moto: Time, silence and patience. The rich complexity of Florio wines is gathered in each drop of pure pleasure. A personality like no other, with boundless originality, Florio wines bring you rich and rewarding moments. In 1833 Vincenzo Florio founded the ‘Cantine Florio’ giving not only a new dimension to the city of Marsala but contributing to the creation of modern Sicily. Then in 1982 Florio launches Targa Riserva 1840, a semi-dry marsala, an evolution of Old Golden Syracuse from the 19th century. This amber superior marsala evokes the signature qualities of Riserva Florio: - please enjoy this short video… - *(published: March 2020)

Recent Wine Review:

Florio ‘Targa’ Riserva 1840

Grape Varietal: 100% Grillo
Growing Region: Petrosino, Marsala, Sicily - Italy
Head Winemaker: Tommaso Maggio
5 Stars ★★★★★
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