Sandeman 10-Years-Old Tawny Port

Grape Varietals: Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca & Touriga Nacional
Growing Region: Douro Valley - Portugal
Head Winemaker: Luís Sottomayor


This is the ideal season and timing to look at this dynamic 10-Year-Old Tawny Port from Sandeman. As this year in July, Luís Sottomayor was awarded the ‘Fortified Winemaker of the Year’ at the 2022 IWC Awards held in London.
So how is this Port crafted, well over 10 years ago the hand-picked grapes were fermented under controlled temperatures, with gentle and prolonged skin maceration, to extract the best colour, aromas, fruit flavours and structure for ageing. Then the addition of grape spirit at a key stage in the process which sets the balance between the wine’s bouquet and mouth feel. This moment is chosen by the winemaker following strict control of fermentation and its density, with the later depending on the grape varietal and quality, along with maturation and the final level of balanced sweetness.
The wines remain in the Douro until the following spring, when they are taken down to Vila Nova de Gaia to the Sandeman centuries-old lodges. Throughout the years, key base wines are selected for this 10 Years Old Sandeman Tawny Port and carefully tasted and assessed, with any blend adjustments deemed necessary by the tasters. Over time the colour matures from a deep rich red through to a red tawny, producing a delicious, aged Tawny Port. For this wine the final blend is the result of a selection of wines between 9 and 12 years of age, masterfully combined to maintain Sandeman’s 10 Years Old unique identity, style and consistency.
When serving - this Sandeman ‘10 Years Old’ Tawny Port is ready for drinking now and does not require decanting as it has been fined before bottling. Once opened, store in a dark cool place and it should be consumed within 2-3 months for best enjoyment.

As you pour this 10-Year-Old Tawny Port into your glass you will be greeted by a rich red tawny colour. On the inviting nose you are enticed by fragrant aromas of dried figs, raisins, dark honey, hazelnuts, dried spices and vanilla. These carry through onto the generous palate - where the time in oak and the level of warm alcohol and balanced sweetness have combined to create a luscious wine which unfolds its rich layers finding their way around your mouth lingering and a smooth memorable finish.

This Sandeman 10-Years-Old Tawny Port has 20% Alc./vol. and 101g/L of residual sugar. No decanting required and serve in a white wine shaped glass at 12º- 16ºC. *NZ$84.00

This Sandeman ‘10 Years Old’ Tawny Port has a generously appealing personality.

CELLARING POTENTIAL: *(Review 30/6/24)
No further ageing required - drinking perfectly now; and will hold *(un-opened / dark place) for another 4 - 5 years.

Perfect wine pairing when served slightly chilled with a dark tiramisu, coffee-chocolate desserts, roasted nut and dried fruit desserts, rich fruit cakes, coffee ice-creams and figs with varied styles of blue cheese - enjoy.

Always drink responsibly.


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