Pol Roger ‘Pure’ Extra Brut NV

Grape Varietals: *Equal parts: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier
Winery & Cellars: Epernay - France
Chef de Cave: Damien Cambres


This Pol Roger ‘Pure’ Champagne was first released in 2008. I had the pleasure to taste that wine the following year with the late Christian Pol Roger and the ‘chef de cave’ at the time Dominique Petit. This cuvée is above all an exercise in expressing their unique style. The family have achieved a wine in its most natural state whilst respecting the spirit of the house. Seeking to authentically express the diversity of terroir, this zero-dosage Champagne is produced from an ideal balance between the three grape varietals, blended in equal proportions.
Once harvested, the grapes are immediately and delicately pressed. The must undergoes a first débourbage (settling) at the press house and a second in the winery, à froid at 6°C. Fermentation took place at 18°C in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats, with each varietal and village kept separate until blending before the secondary fermentation (prise de mousse) inside the bottle. The ageing period of at least 4 years on lees took place in their cool cellars located 33 metres below the street level. Each bottle is traditionally hand-riddled before disgorging (removing the lees) - and this wine had no dosage (sugar) added, simply topped up and then rested for a minimum of three months before being released. The very fine and persistent mousse for which Pol Roger is renowned owes much to these deep, cool cellars - along with the added age to this cuvée.

As you pour this elegant Champagne, your glass will be filled with a pale golden colour, shining with thousands of tiny bubbles. On the nose summer flowers along with citrus fruits and a hint of biscotti. The palate appears to have a gentle footprint, though you quickly appreciate grapefruit, orange rind, apple and pear flavours deftly interwoven with a mineral seam. It has a firm texture and a taught structure with a defined core of fruit acidity. Plus lingering notes of cloves and an elevated crisp dry finish.

This Pol Roger ‘Pure’ Extra Brut NV has 12.5% Alc./vol. - and with zero dosage. Chill gently and serve in an aromatic or generous tulip shaped wine glass at 8°- 10°C. *NZ$159.99

A pure Champagne expression - ‘to appreciate a crisp apple, why add sugar’.

CELLARING POTENTIAL: *(Article Posted 9/2/24)
Drinking perfectly for Valentine's Day; and will hold its character for another 4 - 5 years.

Perfect wine as an aperitif, plus as a complement to a fresh oysters, scallops, crayfish, crab, ceviche or steamed fish, seafood risotto, lightly seasoned vegetarian cuisine and aged parmesan cheese - enjoy.

Always drink responsibly.


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