Piper-Heidsieck Cuvée Brut NV

Grape Varietals: *50% Pinot Noir, 30% Pinot Meunier & 20% Chardonnay
Winery / Cellars: Reims - France
Chef de Cave: Émilien Boutillat


On a number of occasions I had the pleasure to spend quality time with Émilien, along with his winery support crew and key people from the wider team in the company, whom I have known for more years than we need to count. Due to my long and close relationship with the House of Piper-Heidsieck. In 2019 I was invited to be part of a ‘Heritage Tasting’ - where we went back through 20 years of ‘vin-clair’ base wines *(still ageing on lees, with no dosage), to understand and have respect for the past, so we can know how to move forward with the Cuvée Brut NV.
Going back through the vintages we could see the style and signature that has made this cuvée so much in demand and acclaimed around the world. As Piper-Heidsieck is the most awarded Champagne House of the century*, renowned for the quality of its wines, thanks to the inspiration and expertise of Régis Camus - *(who also developed the Rare Champagne project, and has recently retired in March 2022).
Talking with Émilien, he believes Champagne should be complex but not complicated, something vibrant, elegant and delicate, which has been achieved with this cuvée. The blend is composed of more than 100 crus from around the region and is aged for a minimum of 24 months on lees before disgorgement, resting & release.
Amongst their vineyards planted with traditional grape varieties, an honoured place is given to Pinot Noir which in this cuvée makes up to 50% giving structure to the blend. Pinot Meunier plays a key role expanding the cuvée and adds the subtle details and fresh fruit highlights. Then the Chardonnay adds vibrant layers and elegant characters. The final touch comes from their 'reserve' wines which make up around 30%, giving this wine its unique and consistent signature and non-vintage style.

As you pour, your glass will beguile you with a pale golden glow, and a persistence of dynamic bubbles streaming from the base. On the nose, fresh fruits of pear and citrus notes, morning crisp apples and subtle hints of almonds, mild spice and springtime white blossom. Intentionally made in a radiant and appealing style - the palate is upbeat and fresh, with a seamless structure and interwoven layers of pear, subtle hints of pineapple, nutmeg, white pepper and oriental spice. The finale gives its dutiful attention to citrus and ripe grapefruit flavours that create an uplifting and refreshing mouth-feel and harmoniously balanced all the way through to its precise finish.

This Piper-Heidsieck Cuvée Brut NV has 12% Alc./vol. Crafted with a dosage of 8g/L. Chill gently and serve in a curved flute or an aromatic, light wine glass at 8°- 9°C. *NZ$82.99

A modern classic - elegantly structured, bursting with citrus character and personality.

CELLARING POTENTIAL: *(Article Posted 16/1/24)
Drinking perfectly well this season; and will hold its character gracefully for another 2 - 3 years.

Perfect wine pairing with oysters, scallops, calamari, prawns, crab, crayfish, gravlax, sushi & sashimi, ceviche, vegetarian risotto, grilled pineapple kebabs, also lemon meringue served w/ citrus sorbet - enjoy.

Always drink responsibly.


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