The story behind Pasqua ‘11 Minutes’ Rosé:

Winery: Famiglia Pasqua Wines
Founded in: 1928
Region: Verona - Italy
Owner / CEO: Riccardo Pasqua
Chief Winemaker: Giovanni Nordera

The new rosé interpretation by Famiglia Pasqua is a fine blend crafted from noble native varietals like Corvina, Trebbiano di Lugana, along with Syrah and Carmenère. The name 11 Minutes refers to the duration of the skin contact, and then very soft pressing and fermentation. The optimal length of time to extract the most noble qualities and obtain the slightly rosy shade that characterise this bright wine: - please enjoy this short insightful Pasqua video… - *(published 22 Jan. 2020)

Latest Wine Review:

Pasqua ‘11 Minutes’ Rosé 2020

Grape Varietals: 50% Corvina, 25% Trebbiano, 15% Syrah & 10% Carménère.
Growing Region: Lake Garda, Verona - Italy
Chief Winemaker: Giovanni Nordera
4 Stars ★★★★
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