As the seasons change, why not try something different: 1 October 2022.

All of these vibrant & dynamic rosé wines are ready to sip, savour & share. Some of these brands and rosé wine styles might be new to some readers. But the following selection of engaging rosé wines - are an ideal pairing with varied summer occasions and cuisine. Here are a few brief words to describe my first impressions and the essence of each wine. A diverse range of enjoyable now rosé wine expressions that are worth sharing.
Remember - 'when & where possible, all wines tastes better when served from the appropriate glass and at the ideal temperature’.

Rosé 2022

Region: Marlborough - NZ
Senior Winemaker: Bruce Abbott
Crafted from 100% Pinot Noir. This rosé has lifted aromas of strawberries, raspberries and coastal floral notes. The vibrant palate has a good kiss of fruit acidity keeping the wine elevated and bright, leading to a lingering and refreshing sorbet finish.
• (12.5% Alc./vol. - Residual Sugar 12g/L)

• Chill gently & serve around 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$24.99 : Easy Drinking

‘The Jules’ Rosé 2022

Growing Region: Gisborne - NZ
Owner / Winemaker: Jules Taylor
Crafted from 100% Merlot - this rosé is packed with dynamic raspberry and cranberry flavours combined with just a touch of minerality. Elevated engaging fruit acidity and a clean dry finish. Making it an ideal summer sipper, you will be reaching for another glass.
• (13% Alc./vol. - R.S. 2.4g/L)

• Chill gently & serve around 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$27.99 : 4 Stars

'S.V.' Pinot Rosé 2022

Region: Gisborne - NZ
Owner / Director: Kirsten Searle
This rosé is from a single vineyard & drawn-off from Pinot Noir. Inviting aromas of strawberries and watermelon with subtle floral notes. The vibrant palate is showcasing those strawberries, watermelon and a subtle grapefruit character with a bright dry finish.
• (12.5% Alc./vol. - R.S. <1g/L)

• Chill gently & serve around 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$26.99 : 4 Stars

‘Stolen Kiss’ Rosé 2022

Region: Central Otago - NZ
Chief Winemaker: Malcolm Rees-Francis
As the name suggests the juice was ‘stolen’ from Pinot Noir used to make another wine. The engaging palate has strawberries, red cherries, peach skin, candy floss and floral nuances. The vibrant flavours are balanced by good acidity lending a vibrant lingering finish.
• (13.5% Alc./vol. - R.S. 9g/L)

• Chill gently & serve around 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$32.99 : 4 Stars

Pinot Rosé 2022

Region: Central Otago - NZ
Chief Winemaker: Andrew Keenleyside
100% Pinot Noir fruit from Bannockburn & Pisa regions. Inviting aromas of strawberries, red cherries and wild florals. The engaging palate showcases fresh strawberries, cranberries, tart cherries along with a mineral seam, citrus acidity and a refreshing upbeat finish.
• (13.7% Alc./vol. - R.S. 4.4g/L)

• Chill gently & serve around 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$29.99 : 4 Stars

‘Molly's Block’ Rosé 2021

Region: Hawke's Bay - NZ
Chief Winemaker: Warren Gibson
Crafted from 100% Syrah. Inviting aromas of freshly cut watermelon, pink grapefruit and a mild note of lemon that leads on to a nicely weighted and balanced palate, defined by those elevated fruit flavours, a good mineral seam and a refreshingly clean dry finish.
• (13% Alc./vol. - R.S. <1g/L)

• Chill gently & serve around 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$39.99 : 4½ Stars

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*(Please note the prices shown can vary and the availability of these reviewed wines can change quickly)

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