Geoff Merrill Wines - a philosophy of balance: 5 October 2023.

Geoff Merrill has been crafting wines under his own label & name since 1980, with his first wines released in 1983, that included a 1980 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 1981 Semillon. In the early years, Geoff’s wines were made at various locations across the South Australian wine region. But it was in 1994 that a modern grape processing plant was established at McLaren Flat in a joint venture with a fellow winemaker, which centralised the production of Geoff Merrill wines and allowed greater control over the winemaking process. Geoff had very supportive business partners for a good number of the early years, but since 2007 Geoff has been the sole owner of the company and continues to develop and craft exceptional wines.
Geoff Merrill is a true family winery, with those values and the next generation working in the business. Though from day one and seen clearly in all his wines. At the heart of the Geoff Merrill wines is a philosophy of ‘balance’ - plus a deliberate focus to make aged wines more accessible to all. I must state that these are not typos or cellar wines below - these are current vintages, these wines are available now in Australia, selected international markets and soon across NZ.
Geoff has vineyards in two of Australia’s classic viticultural regions: ‘Pimpala Vineyard’ and ‘Wickham Downs’ sites in McLaren Vale, and the ‘Graymoor’ vineyard in Coonawarra. Individual growing conditions which provide an exciting opportunity to showcase the very best of what each region has to offer. As the winery logo suggests - in each wine Geoff and Scott Heidrich (senior winemaker) are looking for the ideal ‘balance’ of fruit, vineyard site, growing season, plus making the best choices in the winery to showcase these in harmony - or in perfect balance. When you have a skilfully crafted, well-balanced wine, you find yourself with fully engaged taste-buds and a satisfied smile across your face.

The following wines *(plus a few older vintages) are available across Australia and selected New Zealand outlets - all are ready to sip, savour & share.

Geoff Merrill ‘Bush Vine’ Shiraz / Grenache / Mourvèdre 2016
Grape Varietals: 52% Shiraz, 42% Grenache & 6% Mourvèdre
Growing Region: McLaren Vale - Australia
Winemakers: Geoff Merrill & Scott Heidrich
4 Stars ★★★★

Named after an outstanding old ‘Bush Vine’ Grenache vineyard which is owned by a mate of Geoff’s. After a testing growing season and with lower yields, the fruit had more time to ripen resulting in good flavour concentration, acidity and structure. The wine spent 18 months in seasoned American & French oak puncheons before blending & bottling.
On the inviting nose you have aromas of dried spices, pepper-corns, dark cherries and plums, along with small wild berries and forest under-brush. The luscious palate is medium weight with a good structure and an engaging and appealing mouthfeel. The savoury dark fruits are kept lifted by natural fruit acidity and the deft use of oak has resulted in a fine grain texture with balanced tannins and a lingering finish.

• No Decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C : 14.5% Alc. - Classic Dry Style : Cellar 18 - 24 months : *NZ$30.00

Geoff Merrill ‘Jacko’s’ Shiraz 2017
Grape Varietal: 100% Shiraz
Growing Region: McLaren Vale - Australia
Winemakers: Geoff Merrill & Scott Heidrich
4 Stars ★★★★

Named after Michael ‘Jacko’ James who worked in their cellars until he succumbed to a long battle with Leukemia. His legendary character and courage left a lasting impression on everyone at the winery. So this wine is a tribute to ‘Jacko’. The wine spent 21 months in new and used American and French oak hogsheads and puncheons before bottling.
An appealing aroma of cracked black pepper, dried spices, truffles and a mix of red and dark berries. The medium weighted palate is well-balanced with ripe berry fruits, smooth oak tannins and a deft touch of acidity. Those wild berries and jammy dark fruits are generous across the senses, with subtle notes of bitter cacao and a few chili-flakes. A very approachable, easy drinking style of Shiraz with genuine character and a memorable finish.

• Mild Decanting & serve between 17°- 18°C : 14.5% Alc. - Classic Dry Style : Cellar 3 - 4 years : *NZ$30.00

Geoff Merrill ‘G&W’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Grape Varietal: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Growing Region: McLaren Vale & Coonawarra
Winemakers: Geoff Merrill & Scott Heidrich
4 Stars ★★★★

Sourced from their own vineyards; ‘G’ stands for Graymoor in the Coonawarra and ‘W’ for Wickham Park in McLaren Vale. The growing conditions of each site afforded the team the unique opportunity to blend and showcase what each region has to offer. This wine spent 23 months in new, first and second fill American and French oak hogsheads.
Classic ripe aromas entice you with notes of mint chocolate, violets, underbrush and a mix of red and dark berries. This wine optimises the balance and complexity you find in all Geoff & Scott’s wines. The medium-to-full palate has good structure, showcasing those ripe mixed berries along with tobacco, cacao, and with diligent time and use of aged oak resulting in a finely grained texture and very smooth tannins that lead to a quality finish.

• Mild Decanting & serve between 17°- 18°C : 14.5% Alc. - Classic Dry Style : Cellar 3 - 4 years : *NZ$32.00

These balanced aged wines are available from Fine Wine Retailers • Restaurants • Wine Bars & Winery Website.
*(prices, vintages & availability will vary by outlet & country)

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