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Recently I tasted the following dynamic range of Sherry’s - crafted to pair with olives, varied seafood & vegetable tapas’, first & second courses & desserts. Here are a few brief words to describe my first impressions and the essence of each Sherry. A versatile range you can share at anytime.
Remember - 'when & where possible, all wine tastes better when served from the appropriate wine glass and at the ideal temperature’.

‘Inocente’ Fino

Region: Jerez - Spain
Head Winemaker: Eduardo Ojeda
Light golden in colour - delicate and pungent to the nose, a truly superb and delicious dry fresh flavour. The palate is light in weight and leaving a pleasant freshness and persistence. (Dry Style : 15% Alc.).
• 100% Palomino - Oak aged for around 8 - 10 years under the ‘flor’.
Enjoy as: an aperitif, perfect with light soups, varied seafood & shellfish tapas' & green olives.

• Serve chilled 8°- 10°C : *Retail - NZ$48.99

‘Deliciosa’ Manzanilla

Region:  Sanlúcar de Barrameda - Spain
Head Winemaker: Eduardo Ojeda
Made only in the seaside village of Sanlucar de Barrameda. The veil of 'flor' imparts a nutty character, with fresh herb and rock salt notes on the nose, nicely balanced and seamlessly integrated, finishing on an elegantly crisp note. (Dry Style : 15% Alc.).
• 100% Palomino - Oak aged for 4 - 6 years under ‘flor’.
Enjoy as: an aperitif & goes specially well with varied seafood tapa’s & many light first courses.

• Serve chilled 8°- 10°C : *Retail - NZ$48.99

‘Tio Diego’ Amontillado

Region: Jerez - Spain
Head Winemaker: Eduardo Ojeda
This Amontillado Sherry is fermented in oak casks. The resulting sherry is an amber coloured wine, the palate is dry, ample and well balanced with layered complexity and with clear almonds and hazelnut characters.
• 100% Palomino - Oak aged for 8 years under the ‘flor’ - then 6 - 8 years oxidation in oak.
Enjoy as: an aperitif & can accompany bbq'd white meats & flavoured, seasoned dishes.

• Serve chilled 9°- 10°C : *Retail - NZ$48.99

‘Real Tesoro’ Oloroso

Region: Jerez - Spain
Head Winemaker: Eduardo Ojeda
Dark amber in colour. Pungent hazelnut and dried fruits to the nose. This dry Oloroso has an inviting vibrant palate, which is smooth, well-balanced and with a pleasant aftertaste.
• 100% Palomino - Oak aged for 5 years - *without the cover of the 'flor'.
Enjoy with: rich soups, grilled seasoned meats, mild game & aged hard cheeses.

• Serve chilled 11°- 14°C : *Retail - NZ$28.99

Solera 1842 Oloroso VOS

Region: Jerez - Spain
Head Winemaker: Eduardo Ojeda
The Solera was started in 1842 - sweet raisins, mocha-chocolate, dried figs, dates and Turkish coffee. Caramelised sugar and walnuts, with traces of acidity that’s perfectly balance its sweetness, with a long finish. *(residual sugar 45 - 50 g/L : 21% Alc.)
• 90% Palomino & 10% P.X. - Oak aged for 20+ years.
Enjoy with: coffee cream & nut desserts, pastries and is delicious with tiramisu or a rich fruit cake.

• Serve chilled 10°- 12°C : *Retail - NZ$78.99 - 375ml.

'El Candado' Pedro Ximénez

Region: Jerez - Spain
Head Winemaker: Eduardo Ojeda
The grapes are left in the sunshine at least two weeks. Intense mahogany - full of dried flavours of raisins, figs, molasses, nuts, chocolate and very elegant sweet notes. The palate is complex, rich, smooth with a long aftertaste. *(residual sugar 405 g/L : 18% Alc.)
• 100% Pedro Ximénez - Oak aged for 10-12 years.
Enjoy with: desserts, pastries and is truly delicious poured over ice cream.
• Serve chilled 9°- 10°C

*Retail - NZ$49.99 or 375ml $26.99

Introducing the dynamic wine called Sherry:

Title: A brief insight into Sherry
Crafted / Unique to: Southern Spain
Region: *Between Jerez, Sanlucar & El Puerto de Santa Maria
Local Name: Vino de Jerez
Sherry must come from the triangular area of the province of Cadiz between Jerez, Sanlucar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa Maria. Sherry is made in Spain from three traditional white grapes: Palomino, Moscatel & Pedro Ximénez. Sherry differs from other wines - because fortification takes place after fermentation, all natural Sherries are fermented dry; any sweetness is applied later: - please enjoy the short Sherry wine video... - *(published Oct. 2015)