Drappier Champagne:

Founded in 1808 - the 100% family owned Champagne House of Drappier is in the diligent hands of André, Michel, Charline, Hugo & Antoine Drappier (the 6th, 7th & 8th generations) in the town of Urville (south-east corner of the Champagne region) where you will find their vineyards and winery. They are a charming, humble and hardworking family who have recently added the 9th generation to the lineage with Charline having a son.
Drappier is one of the foremost producers in the region and highly respected for its low intervention, Pinot dominant Champagnes. They own 55 hectares of vineyards and use another 50 ha under contract with growers. The family passionately practice a sustainable and low intervention growing and winemaking ethos. They use the first pressing only, and then the wine is transferred by the use of gravity and then natural settling. A portion of their cuvée are aged in oak, with minimal low levels of sulphites during all stages and typically no filtering. They are in pursuit of authenticity and typicity.


Drappier ‘Brut Nature’ Rosé NV
Grape Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
Growing Region: Côte des Bar - Champagne
Owner / Chef de Cave: Michel Drappier
3½ Stars ★★★☆

Crafted using the saignée method (a very short period of contact with the Pinot Noir skins), so you will be greeted by a pale orange, onion skin pink colour. This Brut Nature Rosé is a cuvée which will delight lovers of freshness, minerality and purity. Bone Dry - Zero Dosage (no sugar added). Like many really dry Champagnes, it needs a little age to soften and balance the lifted natural acidity.
On the nose subtle notes of rose petals, red fruits, citrus, mandarin skin, and dried herbs. These carry onto the bright palate expressing red cherries, raspberries, almonds, white peaches and a light peppery note on a lively palate with a lean mineral seam on a clean dry finish.

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C : 12% Alc. - Zero Dosage : *Retail - NZ$94.99


Drappier ‘Rosé de Saignée’ Brut NV
Grape Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
Growing Region: Côte des Bar - Champagne
Owner / Chef de Cave: Michel Drappier
4 Stars ★★★★

Drappier are one of the rare Champagne Houses which produces a Rosé Champagne by the Saignée method (a very short period of skin contact to pick up delicate colour and flavours). As with many Rosé Champagnes - typically a small amount (10 - 20%) of red wine is added to the cuvée for colour and flavour before the second fermentation inside the bottle.
This Drappier ‘Saignée’ Rosé is a well-structured style expressing both on the nose and palate vibrant and expressive ripe red summer fruits, violets and a dried spice detail. Receiving only a light dosage, the mouthfeel and clean finish is extremely bright.

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C : 12% Alc. - Dosage 6g/L : *Retail - NZ$84.99


Drappier ‘Grande Sendrée’ Rosé Vintage 2010
Grape Varietals: 92% Pinot Noir & 8% Chardonnay
Growing Region: Côte des Bar - Champagne
Owner / Chef de Cave: Michel Drappier
4½ Stars ★★★★☆

The Grande Sendrée Rosé takes its name from a parcel of land covered by ash (cendrée in French) after a fire which ravaged Urville in 1836. A spelling error having slipped through in a new version of the land register, it is with an ‘s’ that this cuvée is designated today. A reproduction of an 18th century bottle found in the Urville cellars is used and undergoes remuage (riddling) entirely by hand as it is aged for at least 6 years.
The Pinot Noir brings a depth of character in a subtle manner and a splash of Chardonnay giving a touch of freshness to this articulate rosé. Inviting violet aromas that lead into broad flavours showcasing cranberries, raspberries and spice with a deft toasty nuance. The palate is engaging and a long confident finish.

• Chill gently & serve between 9°- 11°C : 12% Alc. - Dosage 6g/L : *Retail - NZ$179.99

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