Looking to treat your taste-buds, why not try something different:

All of these vibrant & dynamic wines are ready to sip, savour & share. I am sure some of these generously engaging wine styles are new to some readers. But the following selection of luscious sweet wines - are an ideal pairing with varied occasions. Here are a few brief words to describe my first impressions and the essence of each wine. A diverse range of enjoyable now sweet wine expressions that are worth sharing.
Remember - 'when & where possible, all wines tastes better when served from the appropriate glass and at the ideal temperature’.


De Bortoli ‘Deen Vat 5’
Botrytis Semillon 2016

Region: Riverina - Australia
Grape: 100% Semillon
Senior Winemaker: Julie Mortlock
Tropical fruit aromas that turn into vibrant flavours of nectarines, quince & citrus with a subtle hint of pale nougat. Subtle oak notes add to the mouth feel & well-balanced acidity gives length to this delicious sweet wine.
• 11.6% Alc./vol. - Residual Sugar 226g/L
• Chill & serve between 7°- 9°C
*375ml Retail - NZ$18.99 : 4 Stars


Jules Taylor ‘Late Harvest’
Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Region: Marlborough - New Zealand
Grape: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Owner / Winemaker: Jules Taylor
Aromas of passionfruit, lychee’s, honey and a touch of white flowers. The palate showcases ripe passionfruit, lychee and apricot with a lift of grapefruit from the natural fruit acidity, resulting in a bright refreshing finish.
• 13.5% Alc./vol. - R.S. 142g/L
• Chill & serve between 8°- 9°C
*375ml Retail - NZ$31.99 : 4 Stars


‘Noble’ Riesling 2018

Region: Marlborough - New Zealand
Grape: 100% Riesling
Owner / Winemaker: Ben Glover
On the nose apricots, honey & apple pastry all unfold across the palate celebrating those lovely summer stone fruits and the elegant texture is nicely balanced with the contrasting fruit acidity, giving a citrus finish.
• 10.5% Alc./vol. - R.S. 180g/L
• Chill & serve between 8°- 9°C
*375ml Retail - NZ$32.99 : 4 Stars


‘Alchemy’ Ice 2019

Region: Central Otago - New Zealand
Grape: 90% Riesling & 10% Gewürztraminer
Head Winemaker: Andrew Keenleyside
The nose is focused, expressing floral & spice aromas which lead onto flavours of ripe apricot, passionfruit, lychee & wild honey. The palate remains fresh & balanced with vibrant acidity and a elegant lingering finish.
• 9% Alc./vol. - R.S. 278g/L
• Chill & serve between 7°- 9°C
*375ml Retail - NZ$48.99 : 4 Stars


De Bortoli
‘Show Liqueur’ Muscat

Region: Riverina - Australia
Grape: 100% Muscat
Senior Winemaker: Julie Mortlock
Engaging raisins, fig and spice with subtle floral notes. The palate is rich & luscious after ageing in oak barrels for 8 years, expressing complex flavours of sweet raisins, figs, dates, toffee & caramel resulting in a viscous finish.
• 18% Alc./vol. - R.S. 234g/L
• Chill & serve between 7°- 9°C
*500ml Retail - NZ$31.99 : 5 Stars


Quinta de la Rosa
Ruby Reserve Port

Region: Douro Valley - Portugal
Grapes: 4 classic red grape varietals
Chief Winemaker: Jorge Moreira
Uniquely aged for 3-4 years in oak barrels. This Ruby Port has vibrant aromas of candied red cherries & berries with a light-to-medium texture across the bright palate resulting in a moreish elegance and an uplifting berry finish.
• 19.5% Alc./vol. - R.S. 100g/L
• Chill gently & serve between 9°- 11°C
*500ml Retail - NZ$29.99 : 5 Stars

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