De Bortoli ‘Black Noble’ 10 Years Old

Grape Varietal: Predominantly Semillon
Growing Region: Riverina - Australia 
Senior Winemaker: Julie Mortlock
5 Stars ★★★★★

This wine was originally made by Vittorio De Bortoli in the 1930's but never released. It took a new generation to discover the secret of Black Noble. Since 1982, small parcels of fruit intended for the ‘Noble One’ - have been fortified and left to age in old barrels. The vintages are blended to give an average age of around 10 years. The base wine for Black Noble comes from 1972, which was a very early attempt to make a Sauternes style wine. This wine is completely unique to De Bortoli.
When the picking team are harvesting the botrytis Semillon grapes for the famed ‘Noble One’ - on occasion there are parcels of fruit at approximately 20-22 Baume (around 40+ Brix: i.e. super sweet). These intensely flavoured bunches are selected to produce the Black Noble. Very little fermentation occurs before being fortified with a neutral grape spirit, which is added to inhabit any further fermentation. The Black Noble is then clarified, a small amount of brandy spirit added for further complexity before being transferred into used Noble One oak barriques for ageing. The botrytised and fortified Semillon has an average age of 10 years - as it goes through a solera system (drawn from the oldest barrel at the bottom and topped up with younger wines) which concentrates the complexity and richness. Resulting in a luscious and unique sweet wine.

In your dessert wine glass you will be greeted by a deep amber colour with a shine hue. Then your senses will be treated to a multitude of coffee-chocolate and intense raisin & fig aromas. These carry through onto the treacle like wine engaging all corners of your palate, showcasing roasted hazelnuts and those rich mocha-coffee and cacao characters. Concentrated and viscous with a lingering aged complexity that pleasing never seems to end.

This 10 Years Old De Bortoli ‘Black Noble’ fortified wines has 17.5% Alc./vol. with 201g/L of residual sugar. Chill and serve in an appropriate dessert wine glass at 7°- 9°C. *NZ$68.99 - 500ml

A concentrated and viscous sensory treat with a lingering complexity.

CELLARING POTENTIAL: *(Review 11/7/21)
The wine has been bottled ready for consumption - once open it can keep for 3 - 5 days.
No decanting required and drinking now - plus will age nicely for 8 - 10 years.

Perfect wine with sticky puddings, dark coffee-chocolate torte, richly flavoured Tiramisu, a real treat when poured over walnut ice-cream and served with figs and blue cheese - enjoy.

Always drink responsibly.


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