The following selection of currently available ‘Black Label’ wines - are an ideal pairing with a diverse selection of seasonal casual & festive cuisine. Here are a few brief words to describe my first impressions and the essence of each wine. A versatile range of New Zealand & International wines ready to be sipped, savoured & shared over the coming summer months.
*Remember - ‘when & where possible, all wine tastes better when served from the appropriate glass and at the ideal temperature’.

Blanc de Blancs - Grand Cru 2015

Region: Mesnil-sur-Oger - France
Owner / Chef de Cave: Michel Drappier
5 years of aging, this Champagne is lively with a purity of fruits, floral and a mineral touch. It is a very well balanced cuvée with a remarkable length, with brioche, candied citrus and green apples, resulting in a mouthfeel both generous and dynamic.
(12% Alc./vol. - Dosage 4g/L)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$129.99 : 4 Stars

‘Plot 101’ Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Region: Marlborough - NZ
*Winemaker / Director: Anne Escalle
This wine has an elegant texture, with its signature style of lemon and grapefruit flavours engaging your tastebuds. 50% of the wine was aged in oak barrels giving breadth and character to the palate and the natural core of acidity giving a bright finish.
(13.5% Alc./vol. - Dry Style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 9°C
*Retail - NZ$44.99 : 4 Stars

PLUME - ‘by Lake Chalice’
Chardonnay 2016

Region: Marlborough - NZ
Head Winemaker: Chloe Gabrielsen
The palate has peaches, grilled pineapple, whipped cream acidity, a deft mineral seam, delicately wrapped in vanilla oak. The wine has a beguiling elegance, perfectly infusing summer fruits and balanced winemaking has resulted in a reputable wine.
(13% Alc./vol. - Dry Style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$48.99 : 5 Stars

TRINITY HILL - ‘Gimblett Gravels’
Chardonnay 2021

Region: Hawke’s Bay - NZ
Chief Winemaker: Warren Gibson
The wine is concentrated and vibrant thanks to a defined seam of natural acidity. The generous peach and citrus flavours and nicely wrapped in spicy-toasty oak flavours and gentle texture. A superbly balanced wine, with concentration and finesse.
(14% Alc./vol. - Dry Style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$48.99 : 5 Stars

‘IRWIN’ Chardonnay 2017

Region: Gisborne - NZ
Owner / Director: Kirsten Searle
On the palate generous, ripe and engaging peaches and melon flavours, entwined with creamy hazelnut and vanilla notes resulting in a smooth texture. A complex wine with finely entwined oak-spice, perfectly balanced and a lingering dry finish.
(14% Alc./vol. - Dry Style)

• Chill gently & serve between 8°- 10°C
*Retail - NZ$58.99 : 5 Stars

‘Estate Selection’ Malbec 2019

Region: Mendoza - Argentina
Chief Winemaker: Gabriel Bloise
Inviting aromas expressing ripe dark berries, mixed with dried herbs and a touch of mocha coffee. The appealing palate has a generous fruit forward nature, along with well-balanced smooth tannins and a deft use of oak on an appealing lingering finish.
(14% Alc./vol. - Dry Style)

• No decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C
*Retail - NZ$32.99 : 4 Stars

‘The Parson’ Shiraz 2021

Region: McLaren Vale - Australia
Winemakers: Michael Fragos / Bryn Richards
This McLaren Vale Shiraz displays generous aromas of mulberries, dusted with exotic dried spices. The luscious palate is packed with dark plums, small wild berries, cassis and all nicely wrapped in smooth tannins and leading to a balanced dry finish.
(14.5% Alc./vol. - Dry Style)

• Mild decanting & serve between 17°- 18°C
*Retail - NZ$28.99 : 4 Stars

‘RISERVA’ Amarone DOCG 2013

Region: Valpolicella - Italy
Chief Winemaker: Giovanni Nordera
This cuvée is vinified from Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone, Croatina & Oseleta. Opulent aromatics which lead onto generous flavours of dark cherries, cassis, mocha-chocolate and dried spices wrapped in smooth tannins and a moreish finish.
(15.5% Alc./vol. - Residual Sugar 9.5g/L)

• Stand-Decanting & serve between 16°- 17°C
*Retail - NZ$98.99 : 4 Stars

‘Show Liqueur’ Muscat

Region: Riverina - Australia
Senior Winemaker: Julie Mortlock
Engaging raisins, fig and spice with subtle floral notes. The palate is rich & luscious after ageing in oak barrels for 8 years, expressing complex flavours of sweet raisins, figs, dates, toffee & caramel resulting in a viscous finish. (100% Muscat)
(18% Alc./vol. - Residual Sugar 234g/L)

• Chill gently & serve between 7°- 8°C
*500ml Retail - NZ$32.99 : 5 Stars

FONSECA - ‘Bicentenary’
Guimaraens Vintage Port 2015

Region: Douro Valley - Portugal
Head Winemaker: David Guimaraens
This wine is all about generous dark fruits, but at the same time elegant complexity. Underneath all this fruit you have well balanced and supportive exotic oak, liquorice and black pepper and well-integrated tannins adding additional texture and rich character.
(20% Alc./vol. - Residual Sugar 101g/L)

• Chill slightly & serve between 14°- 15°C
*Retail - NZ$114.99 : 4 Stars

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